3-Minute Journal is shutting down on June 30, 2019

An example visualization

With the new release, you can now export your journal entries to a tab-delimited file, which now opens up all sorts of visualization possibilities. Here are a couple of charts I created by massaging an Excel spreadsheet a bit and importing it into a free tool called MicroStrategy Visual Insight (there are many many such tools out there):

This is what's called a Heat Map. This is showing my entries from 2013. The "A" section is for accomplishments, the "S" section for setbacks. Note that setbacks are uniformly connected with negative emotions. The areas of the rectangles represent frequency of those emotions. 

What does this tell me? That my ratio of accomplishments to setbacks is healthy, that "encouraged" and "discouraged" are my two most prominent emotions on the positive and negative side, respecitively.

There are many possible visualizations, and selecting some of these to build into the platform is one of the goals of our next release. In the meantime, export your data and try it out for yourself!