Product evolution plans

Many thanks to everyone who has filled in the user survey. We've read and discussed every one and want to share our near-term product plans. These are all items that were suggested by more than one respondent, and also lined up with our vision for the site.

Short-term: we're going to take care of some basics that are making the site harder to use than it should be. These include - the ability to enter your home time zone so that default entry dates are customized to your home time, the ability to set a preferred hour for the daily reminder email, and ability to export your entries to a .csv file. 

Medium-term: we're going to add some more visualizations for the Lab based on your suggestions and some ideas we've been playing with. 

Longer-term: there is much demand for iOS, Windows Phone and Android apps. We hear you. Creating an app is a significant undertaking, and we are a small team. We will get there, so we ask for your patience. Stay tuned for more on this.