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Feeling grateful can increase your patience

From "Gratitude Is The New Willpower," by David DeSteno, from HBR Blog Network.

You don't have time for reflection, but maybe you should make time

More juiciness from the recent Harvard working paper we referred to last week:

OpenSSL vulnerability addressed

You may have read about the recently-discovered vulnerability with OpenSSL (here's an article about it). Like many other sites, 3MJ uses OpenSSL for encryption and was affected by this vulnerability. Our systems were patched yesterday and are no longer vulnerable to this exploit. To ensure the security of your account, we recommend changing your password and logging out of any current sessions.

Harvard working paper asserts that reflection is crucial to self-improvement

A new working paper (link) co-authored by Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano and Bradley Staats of Harvard Business School (the lead author is Giada diStefano of HEC) talks about a subject very important to this site - the role of reflection in learning and self-improvement. This is from the abstract: