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How to do a Weekly Reflection

For the past several weeks, we've been reminding you at the end of the week to do a Weekly Reflection based on your journal. Here is a simple approach for a regular reflection that you can use. Feel free to alter this as you see fit, and consider sharing your own approach with us as a comment to this post.

  1. Go to the View Events page. Read through the entries for the past week. If any of them don't trigger any memories, spend a few moments trying to recall the actual event.
  2. What was the week's high point? 
  3. If any events were "rare" or "never happened before," take a look at those. Those can be your stories on the edge of experience, the ones you'll remember for a while.
  4. What will you take away from the week? What worked well that you'll continue, or what do you want to stop doing?
  5. Make a few notes (use a journal entry if you'd like) for next week.